About Us

We’re passionate about handcrafting practical lighting designs that help bring out the best in people and their living environment.


Ultra Lighting is an accomplished family-owned lighting brand that brings decades of original designs to the lighting space. With European roots going back a century, we have forged lifelong partnerships with a wide range of private and commercial clients who trust our ability to consistently deliver innovative, high quality lighting fixtures. The company is managed by Martin Or, a seasoned industry veteran apprenticed by his father, and his children, each contributing her unique fresh angle to the business and design. Our public showroom is situated in the reputed designer quarter of the bustling Tel Aviv port.


When it comes to lighting, the composition, contour, materials, texture and intensity – all working in perfect harmony – must intelligently produce just the right atmospheric effect. To accomplish this, we design lighting fixtures not only to bring out the best in furnishings, but also exhibit unique artistic handcrafted qualities of their own. From novel interpretation to classic design to trendsetting original works, our eclectic product line shine with originality.


Our in-house manufacturing facility is where traditional handmade techniques merge with cutting-edge production methods and equipment to create distinguished high quality lighting fixtures. This holistic approach to manufacturing produces durable and conspicuously beautiful collections that can be flexibly customized to suit every occasion and setting in private homes, public buildings and commercial open spaces.


Our highly skilled craftsmen participate in every stage of the production process, being involved in the selection of raw materials, development of proprietary colors for the lighting fixtures, precision welding and more. Experience has taught us that in order to achieve quality products that offer notable artistic value, every lighting fixture must be handcrafted like a jewel.

With decades of hands-on industry experience, our designed fixtures have evolved to fulfill client needs and objectives. Lighting serves our lives and the space we live in by setting the feel and ambience.

The purpose of the lighting fixture is not only to cast light or spark up a conversation, but to elevate our mood by enhancing the atmosphere. We keep these precepts in mind for our clients in every step of our design process.