Waterfall crystal light

Waterfall crystal light

This original hanging lamp is simply fabulous. Gushing with radiance, the softly wrapped cascading light units are thoughtfully distanced apart to create a refreshing sense of water flowing down from the high ceiling. Due to its unique architecture, light is emitted 360° across all sides, top to bottom. With custom design, Waterfall is suitable for stairways or halls with high ceilings ­ emitting bold design and unique personality throughout the room. have a look at our chandelier version.


Dimensions: 50cm/20”D 200cm/86.6”H

Material (s): Brass, Spherical glass beads

Finish (es): Satin matte black finish/ Chrome matt / Gold color

Lamp Type: Two pin LED

Bulbs amount: One for each fixture, 55 for the mentioned sizes (customized according to your need).

Item number: PIRSP­764

Specification note:

– We offer the ability to adjust the light with a dimmer. Consult us in advance regarding the right dimmer for you, whether it’s for a Lighting Control Systems or a regular electric. ­

– Can be personalized in different heights, counters and a range of colors.


Worldwide shipping such as FedEx, UPS and TNT. Please consult us regarding shipping times (times will depend on your order) For protection our products will be sent in wooden boxes if needed.

This original hanging lamp is simply fabulous. Gushing with radiance…


Key Features

+ Handmade
+ Suitable for big stairways and halls
+ Unique modern crystal chandelier
+ The fixture illuminates itself
+ Great atmospheric effect
+ Dimensional appearance
+ 360° visible, looks nice from all angles
+ Multipoint pendant lights are a great focal point in your entryway