Porcelain Shades

Porcelain Shades

This soft­textured porcelain hanging lamps feature matte brass balls on top with handmade ridged porcelain shades. The translucent satin finish creates cozy radiance on the surrounding space, especially when the pendants are lined up together. Ideally placed over round or rectangular tables, the porcelain shades cast strong direct light on the space below, making it practical as well as pleasant to look at when turned on or off. have a look at our wall lamp version.


Dimensions: Fixture: 18cm/7″D X 9cm/3.5″ H

Material (s): Porcelain, Brass

Finish (es): Natural matt, semi transparent porcelain, chrome matte brass finish. Transparent Cables

Lamp Type: 50W halogen/ Two pin LED

Bulbs amount: 1 for each fixture

Item number: PPHR­306

Specification note:

– We offer the ability to adjust the light with a dimmer. Consult us in advance regarding the right dimmer for you, whether it’s for a Lighting Control Systems or a regular electric. ­

– Can be personalized in different heights, counters and a range of colors of the metal parts..


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This soft­textured porcelain hanging lamps feature matte brass…


Key Features

+ Handmade
+ Suitable for dining tables, in reception areas, bar, kitchen island or nich
+ Floating appearance
+ Comfortable, atmospheric light effect
+ Light, aesthetic appearance
+ Sculptural element that simulates a truncated cone.
+ A clean feel to a kitchen or workspace.
+ May be used alone or for repetitive installation