Italiana chandelier

Italiana chandelier

A tribute to the stylish classic chandelier, Italiana offers a fresh alternative without the excess weight. Its slim contour design leaves a pleasant, uplifting feeling to light up any room. Italiana features two levels with artistically designed spirals, combined to form a cohesive whole. You might also be interested in this family fixture for wall lamp.



Small: 100cm/39.5” D

Big: 150cm/59” D

Material (s): Iron, Egyptian crystals

Finish (es): Satin matte black finish

Lamp Type: Traditional candle bulbs / LED Lanterns

Bulbs amount:

Small: 10/20

Big: 10/20

Item Number: SHBKS­760

Specification note:

­ Especially suitable for high ceiling lobby, in its small version it is most suitable for a dining room table and living­room. ­We offer the ability to adjust the light with a dimmer. Consult us in advance regarding the right dimmer for you, whether it’s for a Lighting Control Systems or a regular electric. ­Can be personalized in different sizes, heights, counters and a range of colors.


Worldwide shipping such as FedEx, UPS and TNT. Please consult us regarding shipping times (times will depend on your order) For protection our products will be sent in wooden boxes if needed.

A tribute to the stylish classic chandelier, Italiana offers a fresh alternative…


Key Features

+ Handmade
+ Interpretation from old to new
+ Suitable for large rooms, high ceilings, stairwells...
+ Unique modern crystal chandelier
+ Great atmospheric effect
+ Dimensional Decorative effect
+ Ideal for modern architectural
+ 360° visible, looks nice from all angles
+ Timeless design