Cylinder of light

Cylinder of light

These simple geometric pendants emit substantial down­light illumination. The number of pendants can be adjusted to fit over dining room and conference room tables of different sizes. Cylindrical in shape, each hanging pendant is carved from solid aluminum and exhibits a clean, elemental look suitable for most modern interior designs. Appearing to hover in the air, its composition exemplifies just how beautiful simplicity can be.



Fixture: 10cm/4” D * 6cm/2”H approx

Material (s): Aluminium

Finish (es): White\ Aluminium matt\ Black\ Gray

Lamp Type: GU10 LED

Item number: PCYLN­252

Specification note:

– We offer the ability to adjust the light from low level to full brightness using a Dimmer.consult us in advance regarding the right dimmer for you, whether it’s for a Lighting Control Systems or a regular electric.

– Can be personalized in different sizes, heights, counters and a range of colors.


Worldwide shipping such as FedEx, UPS and TNT. Please consult us regarding shipping times (times will depend on your order) For protection our products will be sent in wooden boxes if needed.

These simple geometric pendants emit substantial down­light illumination…


Key Features

+ Suitable for dining tables, reception areas, meeting rooms/ large tables.
+ Floating appearance
+ Comfortable, atmospheric light
+ Light, aesthetic appearance
+ Discreet presence
+ A minimalistic, modern pendant light
+ a clean contemporary feel to a kitchen/ workspace.
+ May be used alone or for repetitive installation