Crystal Lace

Crystal Lace

This magnificent recessed lighting fixture offers a fresh new stylized approach to the nostalgic lace. It features Egyptian crystals embedded within a circular bed of Plexiglas to provide an intriguing lighting effect that your guests won’t take their eyes off of. Completely in line with the ceiling, Crystal Lace makes a viable to a chandelier for those interested in keeping their indoor space totally clear and aerated.


Dimensions: 94cm/37” X 94cm/37”

Material (s): MDF, Plexiglas, Swarovski crystal

Finish (es): White (wall color) / Wood colors

Lamp Type: Strip of High Power LED 14W per 1m/3ft

Item number: FLACR­706

Specification note:

– Simple assembly, Installation requires between the original ceiling plaster ceiling is minimum 10 cm. The installer takes the lighting fixture in a square plate, a primer, and all he has to do is cut straight lines, place and finish with a layer of putty around. Maintenance simple and user friendly, without screws or Needless tinkering. The ability to be flexible and adjust to the conditions existing space, together with complete freedom of action and the ability to express an independent design make this series Flat Light for lighting fixtures ideal when working with plaster ceilings.

– We offer the ability to adjust the light with a dimmer. Consult us in advance regarding the right dimmer for you, whether it’s for a Lighting Control Systems or a regular electric.


Worldwide shipping such as FedEx, UPS and TNT. Please consult us regarding shipping times (times will depend on your order) For protection our products will be sent in wooden boxes if needed.

This magnificent recessed lighting fixture offers a fresh…


Key Features

+ Suitable for lighting above workspace, bedroom, bathroom, lobby..
+ Light, aesthetic appearance
+ ideal for modern interior
+ Energy efficient fixture
+ Extreme minimalism
+ Glare free
+ High level of light comfort
+ Ideal for repetitive installations