Lighting the most important space in your home

Lighting the most important space in your home
7 בJuly 2016 Martin Or
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We at Ultra Lighting Design see the dining area as the most important space in your home. It’s the place where you can truly make a statement with a lighting fixture that brings the wow factor. That’s because in today’s open-space homes, the dining area is often centrally situated between the kitchen and the living space. This ain’t your grandma’s formal dining room!  A separate, closed room. A bold light fixture above the dining table not only providing light, it serves an important role helping us define the area and creates intimacy replacing the function of walls in a closed-off dining room. Our first choice would be a direct light on the table surface, where the light is focused downward. Creating a dramatic, inspiring feel. It allows us to go down to 160 cm from the floor to the bottom of the fixture, so when you’re seated, there is no glare from the light source above and when you’re standing, you get an eye-level perspective that’s dazzling from any viewpoint of the hose. 

Slide09 coaA correlation between the length of the table and the distribution of the lighting is crucial for the optimal effect, with the entire table illuminated. Another important factor is the angle of the light that would vary depending on the height of the bulb within the fixture and the height of the light fixture itself. For example If the bulbs are deep within the fixture, the angle of the light will be narrow, but if they’re close to the bottom edge, the angle will be broad, in which case we’ll need less units to light the whole table area. A modern chandelier is another fantastic method for lighting the dining table, a large and decorative ceiling light that completely transforms and elevates a room. They are nostalgic and quite festive for the dining area, which also generally lights up the whole space.

So if you’re looking for a way to anchor your dining area, consider a unique and exquisite centerpiece. Whether a unique modern chandelier that providing general light casting a soft diffused glow with some light reflecting off the ceiling, and some dispersing all around of the area. Or a minimalistic, modern pendant light that casts light downward creates a beautiful sharp contrasts. In both cases you will enjoy a design statement and an effective way to light up the space.